Engage your followers and expand your target audience with these advanced marketing services.

Each strategy can be implemented individually or bundled for more impact. Since every book is different, we custom quote each project.


Our assessment will uncover how your book is appearing online and with distributors empowering you to take the steps to increase sales. We will perform an extensive assessment of your book, marketing strategies, goals and sales results to uncover any issues that need to be addressed. We will make recommendations in writing to help enhance your book marketing focus and give you a step by step outline to increase sales and grow followers.

Sell Your Book Rights-

Give your book worldwide exposure when we add it to our existing account on Pubmatch. (a worldwide rights website) Decide on the terms of the rights agreement and receive inquiries or offers. Although your book will appear under our publishing company, any notification or transactions will be between you and the publisher interested. You retain the copyright and received all funds negotiated. We are offering you a way to get greater exposure without having to pay for and set up your own account. If you would like your own account we are also available to help guide you through the setup process.

We can also approach our list of international publishers in specific countries to promote your title. This time-consuming process can yield deals worth thousands of dollars.

Social Media Training-

Eliminate the fear of using social media to promote your book. Training consists of easy to learn, easy to implement lessons to help authors become comfortable and productive using social media. Lessons include social account set up, overall strategy, proper posting techniques, automation tools (for scheduled posting), growing and organic following, how to communicate your message, tweet writing, meme creation, working with groups or lists and account monitoring.

Have professionally written tweets created by a social media influencer for a specific campaign or everyday use. We can also arrange for these tweets/posts/memes to be sent out over our network of social influencers. One on one training is available.

We can also help you start your social media strategy by providing a custom setup of a Facebook and or Twitter account including a banner for the top of the page.

Translate Your Book-

Expand your book's reach by having it professionally translated into any language. Includes proof-reading services and a guarantee that the translations will be done properly. Once the translations are completed we can provide you with the written translations or design the entire book for you using the existing format. Compliment this service with additional marketing services.

Create Advertising Campaigns-

There is a direct correlation between advertising and increased book sales. We can help you sell more books on Amazon.com and also create physical ads (print, mailers, flyers, online) with book distributors or specialty resellers.

Amazon Marketing Services is a highly targeted, cost-effective way for shoppers to discover and buy your books on Amazon.com. You’ll receive suggestions for the best keywords to bid on based on customers’ search and shopping history. You’ll be able to search for and select products similar or related to your own. Measuring and optimizing the campaign's performance is at your fingertips. You will have control over your daily budget and only pay when customers click on your listing.

Blogging Strategy-

Expand your target audience by learning the most effective ways to blog, promote your blog and get readers to comment. Strategies include guest posting and guest blogging, creating SEO rich content, proper formatting techniques, and blog marketing.

Website Development-

Step into the world of legitimate authors with a user-friendly website designed for you. This basic site will have the necessary pages to promote your book, reinforce your message, share news, and blog. Includes support and hosting unless otherwise requested.

Grow an Email List-

Building a loyal customer base is a strategy that will yield results for years to come. Learn how to start and grow an email list using the proper software and technology. Create engaging newsletters and product announcements that will keep your customers informed.

Since every book is different, we custom quote each project. Your quote will be in writing detailing every aspect of the service we will provide. WE GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION!

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