Cut through all of the confusion and misinformation

Our coaching service provides you with training, advice, and guidance on all aspects of self-publishing, book marketing, and distribution. We personalize your experience while sharing 14 years of industry knowledge with you. We will help you navigate the publishing marketplace on a consulting basis or manage your entire project. Having built our business from the ground up, we share “trade secrets” that will save you time and money. Below is a sample of the type of projects we can help you with.

  • Finding a graphics designer or illustrator for your project.
  • Comparing the best POD company for your needs.
  • Increase visibility and sales on Amazon.
  • Getting your book into bookstores.
  • Getting more influential reviews for your book.
  • Creating, reviewing and enhancing your metadata.
  • Getting your book into more resellers and distributors.
  • Finding international publishers who purchase rights.
  • Enhancing your brand across all platforms.
  • Building or updating any aspect of your website.
  • Ranking your website higher with Google by increasing the speed of your site.
  • Blogging strategies.
  • Finding genre appropriate blogs to network with.
  • Increasing organic followers on social media.
  • Training on Twitter.

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