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Ideal for Indie Authors Serious About Being Successful 

This robust plan is ideal for any indie author who wants their book to be successful. We will show you and then teach you how to take advantage of every marketing opportunity appropriate for your book. You will be learning proven book marketing strategies and have access to the same playbook that we used to grow our successful publishing company Stress Free Kids.

Our goal is to promote your book with care. There are proper ways to implement specific marketing strategies, so we take the time to do it right. Your success is our goal!

With a ton of contradictory marketing information on the internet, it’s best to work with an experienced and successful book industry professional who is actively promoting books every day. We are the Voice Above the Noise.

This plan includes initiating several phases of the marketing program over a 30-45-day period. It's not unusual for us to spend 15-20 hours during this time to help you achieve success. After our time together, we can continue to work on refining your skills and will be available for questions and coaching.

Book Reviews, Promotional Opportunities, Social Media Marketing, Training and Mentoring, Online Selling, Traditional Strategies, Selling to Bookstores, Shows, Events, Festivals, Speaking Engagements and more.


In this phase, we want to learn more about you, your goals, and any existing marketing plans you have in place. We will help you to identify the target audience we need to approach and the best ways to do this. The Planning Phase includes:

  • Evaluating and enhancing any existing book marketing strategies, goals or marketing plan. We will create a timeline to roll out and monitor for each segment of the program. As we are implementing the marketing plan, you will learn proven strategies and the best way to set yourself up for long-term success.
  • Creating and implementing a plan to help you identify, communicate with and expand your target audience. We also will discuss other groups where your book might do well.
  • Implementing a brand cohesiveness strategy across all platforms, websites, and content to help followers and customers quickly identify your brand and message.


In this phase, we will make sure your book is set up correctly and thoroughly and shows available through wholesale distributors and bookstores. We will evaluate how you appear with online resellers and make sure all of the metadata associated with your book is correct. The Setup Phase includes:

  • Initiating our Metadata Optimization Program to evaluate and enhance the existing content surrounding the book. We will look at how your book appears with online resellers like Amazon, Barnes, and Noble, Books a Million and others, as well as wholesale distributors and bookstores. We will then recommend and make enhancements to improve the metadata. If your book is not published yet, we can review the metadata before you upload it. In either situation, we will enhance your metadata including the description, author’s bio, images, book categories, BISAC subject heading codes, content flow, consistency and the use of SEO best practices to attract organic readers through keywords. This strategy makes sure that bookstores, distributors, and resellers can see your book listed correctly and appear through organic searches.
  • Setting up all features to support the book and discuss any appropriate programs within Amazon that will benefit you to include AMS advertising platform, Seller Central, Top Reviewers, and analytics. We have been selling on Amazon since 2003 with well over 1-million dollars in revenue.


The Online Phase is where the rubber meets the road. In this phase, we will roll up our sleeves and help you get book reviews, learn how to use social media, online promotions, find organic followers and turn those followers into customers. The Online Marketing Phase includes:

  • Creating a book review strategy to implement before and after the book release date. We will introduce your book to our network of authors and vetted book reviewers. We will also guide you toward book review companies and bloggers to maximize your exposure.
  • If your book is not published yet or you are working on another one, we will create a pre-release program that looks at several different promotional strategies all bundled and then released within a short period for maximum exposure.
  • Looking at which social media platforms are appropriate to use in communicating and growing your target audience. We will teach you how to work with these platforms to expand your audience, gain followers and turn followers into customers. We will show you how to create posts, memes and tweets, best practices and how to use automation tools to make your life easier. We will design and send out a series of tweets/posts about your book through our established channels. We will then show you how to gain organic followers and promote your message and title worldwide.
  • Looking at which platform might be appropriate to test some advertising. This strategy can be used to sell books but also to increase your email list and gain more followers through ‘liking’ and ‘following’ you on social platforms.
  • Performing a website review, and making recommendations on how to improve your site, its speed, overall look and feel and blog presence all to gain more visibility. We will collaborate on the appropriate blog writing strategies, SEO best practices, guest blogging, and guest hosting opportunities along with the technical aspects of running a proper website.
  • Helping you start an email list and teach you the proper ways to grow your list. We can recommend Email Service Provides, help you build and set up opt-in forms and show you the most effective strategies for communicating with your followers. Email marketing is one of the best tools you can use in building a brand of loyal customers.
  • Helping you create, implement or enhance a YouTube strategy to promote your book, message, and brand. We will help you create a branded YouTube channel, with content linking to and supporting your other platforms. We have partners who can create video content to promote your book, message or interests.*


The traditional Marketing Phase has been the pillar of book sales for many years and should not be overlooked. In this phase, we look at all of the tried and true ways to get exposure for your book. The Traditional Marketing Phase includes:

  • Creating Promotional opportunities with companies who help authors promote their book to thousands of readers. This includes dozens of free and paid promotional companies.
  • Teaching you how to get your book into independent bookstores.  Although it’s not easy for independent authors to sell books in mortar and brick stores, we will teach you methods to increase your chances of being successful. We will help the process by creating a ‘sell-sheet' needed to promote your book to bookstores, distributors, and resellers.
  • Providing access to a proprietary list of distributors and resellers appropriate for your book and coach you on the best way to approach them.
  • Teaching you how to create opportunities with local media, local bookstores, specialty shops, book clubs, trade shows, alumni and industry events.
  • Helping you decide if advertising with distributors or other resellers will provide a return on your investment.
  • Making your book available to international publishers looking to purchase the translation rights.*
  • Helping you decide if creating an audiobook would advance sales and exposure. We can even manage the process for you.*


The Communication Phase is one of the most important ones in our relationship. We believe in constant contact with our clients and do this by:

    • Scheduling weekly phone calls during the project to keep you updated on the progress, train you on strategies and give you time to ask questions.
    • Being available to coach and mentor you throughout the program and beyond.
    • Offering you a 6-month follow up assessment of your marketing activities and growth to date.

*Additional costs may apply. Ask your marketing rep for details.

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Social Media Training

Social media strategy, training and design.


Advertise Your Book

Create advertising campaigns online and in print.


Sell Your Book Rights

Reach international publishers interested in your book.


Blogging Strategy

Learn successful tips for blogging and ways to promote your blog.


Translate Your Book

Have your book professionally translated into other languages to increase your market share.


Grow an eMail List

Learn strategies for creating and growing an email list.


Website Development

Have a user-friendly author website create for you and your book.



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