Clients I Have Had the Privilege of Helping

Authors should educate themselves to understand what's involved in writing, publishing and marketing a book.  There is a ton of information on the internet about these topics, but most of it tends to be overwhelming and inconsistent. A lot of the information is contradictory from site to site and article to article. Some information is just wrong!

So as an author how do you navigate your way through the maze of self-publishing and book marketing?  You can Google the top self-publishers and read the reviews about their service. You can choose a self-publishing on line portal and attempt to do it yourself, or your can hire a self-publisher and book marketer who is reliable, experienced, successful and affordable 

Since 2003 Rick and Lori Lite have been self-publishing, marketing and distributing books for their publishing company, Stress Free Kids. One reason for success is creating long term and rewarding relationships with wholesalers, online resellers, digital distributors, organizations, specialty stores and bookstores. Their proprietary marketing strategies have fueled rapid and exceptional growth. 

Along the way Rick and Lori always took the time to help other authors succeed. Now they are bringing their “trade secrets” and collective knowledge of publishing, book marketing and distribution to other authors in a complete offering. For more information,