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Ideal for Indie Authors looking to jump-start their book marketing

This plan is for the author who wants to take smaller steps in marketing their book but doesn’t want to sacrifice the quality of service.  Although this plan is not as effective as our Complete Plan, the Basic Plan is a great way for authors to ease into marketing their book with less time and financial commitment. But, with either plan, the author needs to be the voice of the book and be prepared to do what it takes to be successful. This plan will put you on the right path with the right tools and includes initiating several phases of the marketing program over a 30-45-day period. It's not unusual for us to spend 10 hours during this time to help you achieve success. After our time together, we can continue to work on refining your skills and will be available for questions and coaching.

Our Basic Plan includes:

    • Complete evaluation of your current strategy and how your book appears with online resellers and distributors. (if your book is already published) We will make recommendations and provide strategies to increase distribution. We look at your brand and help you create a timeline to initiate different marketing strategies.
    • We look at your metadata (categories, description, bio, and other content) to make sure your book can be found and that it has the best chance of being purchased and reviewed. We can help you enhance your descriptions and bio using SEO best practices and make sure your book is listed in the most relevant categories. We will research, recommend and submit the top 10 categories for the book and eBook on the website.
    • We will help you identify your target audience and discuss the top strategies to get your message and book in front of this audience. This includes proven traditional and online book marketing strategies.
    • We will research your social media plan and make suggestions on which platforms to use, how, when and what to post, and the best ways to gain organic followers.
    • We will collaborate on getting book reviews and will provide you with an extensive list of book review and book blog review websites within your genre. We can help create a review strategy that increases customer confidence in purchasing your book.
    • We will also discuss the traditional ways to attract readers, get the word out about your book and get your book into bookstores. 
    • The starter plan includes up to 3 hours of one to one coaching and mentoring. 
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"Rick Lite is a great coach, a skilled facilitator, and a natural mentor. He has a wealth of experience-based knowledge on everything a self-published author needs to know, to succeed in a confusing and highly competitive market. He was able to quickly spot what was required to take my marketing strategy to a new level and came up with simple but effective solutions to many marketing challenges. Ultimately, it all boils down to the fact that Rick wants you to succeed as an author and as a publisher."

-Yossi Lapid, author Snowman Paul Series