Cost: $4200.00

($840.00 paid with a signed agreement, and 4 additional monthly payments of 840.00)

The Indie Complete Package is for the author who wants a complete marketing program covering the proven strategies necessary to become a successful author. It includes a more in-depth focus on book reviews, promotions, publicity, networking, content creation, social media marketing, and building an organic following. More coaching sessions allow the author to learn and experience what it takes to be successful.

The Complete Marketing Package includes:


The goal of any successful book marketing plan is to understand which strategies are appropriate for your book and the best time to implement them. When we first start, we will evaluate or enhance your existing book marketing plan discussing your overall goals. We will then build a timeline to roll out for all phases of the marketing program. We will help you identify your target audience and show you how and when to communicate with them. We will also look to expand your reach with other readers who could be interested in your book. We will strategically launch a branding strategy across all platforms, websites, and content to help followers and customers quickly identify your brand and message.

EXPANDED AUTHOR PLATFORM - We will break down each segment of the Author Platform to ensure they are all implemented effectively. This includes your website, blog, online selling strategy, book reviews, promotions, social media, and others.

AMAZON OPTIMIZATION - We have been selling on Amazon since 2003 and understand how to sell books (and other products) on this platform. We will initiate all of the selling strategies and make you aware of all opportunities to support your book and be successful selling on Amazon. Browse categories, Author Central program, Seller Central Program. Amazon Ads, Influencer Marketing, and others.

EXPANDED BOOK REVIEWS - We will submit your book to our extensive list of book and blog review companies, newspapers, and magazines, and industry influencers. We average about 35 submissions per author. We can also help guide you toward paid review companies. The other segment of reviews is customer reviews, and we will collaborate on the best way to capture these essential reviews.

WEBSITE - We will look at all components of creating and managing a website that will be the hub of all your online activity. Blogging, guest posting, content creation, SEO, page rank, site speed, structure, and linking all platforms is essential to building a brand.

EMAIL MARKETING - We will help you create a sample newsletter and opt-in form to use in your email marketing campaigns. We will help create a ‘lead magnet’ to help you build a following and work with you on implementing the available tools.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - Beyond assistance with the platform set up, sample posts, branding, and linking all accounts, we will teach you the best way to create and deliver thought-provoking content to your audience. We will discuss advanced social media strategies and tools to focus on engaging others to build your followers' network. We will design branded banners for up to 2 social media platforms.

YOUTUBE - We will set up or enhance your YouTube channel with extended features. We will help brand your channel with a banner and all of the features which create visibility. We can help you create videos and a video trailer to showcase your book.*

PROMOTIONS - Beyond eBook discount sites, many effective promotional strategies can be used in marketing your book. We will offer you a guest blog article opportunity on our website. You write it and then we will promote it to thousands of our followers. We will also look at other promotional opportunities like using Goodreads for giveaways and book clubs and send you the list of relevant ones. 

AUTHOR ADVANCED MARKETING - Collaborating on all of the opportunities you should focus on, such as local book signing, local media introductions, fairs, festivals and trade shows, book award programs, direct mail opportunities, flyers, bookmarks, and others.

RESELLERS and DISTRIBUTORS - We will introduce your book to online resellers and distributors who align with your genre. Although there are no guarantees that bookstores or resellers will purchase your book, we will allow them to look at your book and one-sheet and make the case why your book is right for their customers.

BOOK AWARD COMPANIES - We will discuss which book award companies are appropriate for your book and help narrow it down to the top few. We can guide you through the process. 

BOOK PUBLICITY - We will contact local media outlets in your area to introduce your book and story. We will help craft a pitch letter that focuses on what makes your book unique and newsworthy. Media outlets are always looking for exciting stories, and getting local coverage will help create a buzz. We will also help you navigate HARO alerts and responses.

INTERNATIONAL RIGHTS - Gaining exposure by listing your book with international publishers interested in buying the rights. We can add you to our publishing account or create one for you.

COMMUNICATION- Communication is the backbone of any successful relationship and is an essential aspect of our program. We want you to know what we are working on and learn the steps involved in a successful marketing campaign. We will set up a weekly call for most of our time together and hold each other accountable for completing the tasks we discuss each week. It's also important that you have an opportunity to ask questions, learn strategies, and know that you can email us when you have questions.