Cost: $4200.00

($840.00 paid with a signed agreement, and 4 additional monthly payments of 840.00)

The Indie Complete Package is for the author who wants a complete marketing program covering the proven strategies necessary to become a successful author. It includes a more in-depth focus on book reviews, promotions, publicity, networking, content creation, social media marketing, and building an organic following. More coaching sessions allow the author to learn and experience what it takes to be successful.

The Complete Marketing Package includes:


Evaluating and enhancing any existing book marketing strategies or helping you build and implement one. We will discuss your overall goals, tools available and then create a marketing calendar to roll out for all phases of the marketing program. We will help you to identify your target audience and show you how and when to communicate with them. We will also look to expand your reach with other audiences who could be interested in your book. We will strategically launch a branding strategy across all platforms, websites, and content to help followers and customers quickly identify your brand and message.


We can help move the self-publishing process along making sure it meshes with the marketing phase.


We will break down each segment of the author platform and make sure all of them are utilized effectively. This includes a website, blog, online selling, book reviews, promotions, and social media.


Researching and submitting browse categories for your physical and digital book is a sure way to increase exposure on Amazon. We will also discuss advertising, the Seller Central and Search Inside features, Author Central and other selling opportunities on Amazon. We can also assist in resolving any issues or challenges with Amazon. We will provide training on Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) advertising platform including account set up, ad creation and researching and submitting hundreds of keywords used to attracted readers.


We will submit your book to all of the relevant book review and book blog review websites. We will provide you with a list where your book is introduced. More time will be spent on methods to attract customer reviews online. 


We will look at all components of creating and managing a website that will be the hub of all your online activity. Blogging, guest posting, content creation, SEO, page rank, site speed, structure and linking all platforms is essential to building a brand.


Creating a sample newsletter template and opt-in form for you to use in your email marketing campaigns will give you a boost in starting this important approach. We will help create a ‘lead magnet’ to build a following and work with you on implementing the available tools.


Beyond assistance with the platform set up, sample posts, branding and linking all accounts, we will teach you the best way to deliver content to your audience and engage followers. We will discuss advanced social media strategies and tools focusing on partnering with those who have more exposure and experience. We will design branded banners for up to 2 social media platforms and a YouTube platform.


We will set up or enhance a YouTube channel with extended features. We will help brand your channel with a banner and all of the available tools to create visibility. We can help you create video content and a trailer to showcase your book.*


Beyond book discount sites, many effective promotional strategies can be used in marketing your book. We will post a guest blog article and author interview on our website and then promote it to thousands of our followers. We will continuously look at all available and proven book promotion opportunities and either implement them for you or guide you to do so.


We will spend the time collaborating on all of the traditional marketing opportunities you should focus on over time such as local book signings, local media introductions, book fairs, festivals and trade shows, book award programs, direct mail opportunities, flyers, bookmarks, and others.


As a publisher, we spent years developing a list of book resellers and distributors. We will approach the appropriate ones who align with your genre and introduce your book.  Although there are no guarantees resellers will be interested, we will give them the opportunity to look at your book and one-sheet and make that decision. Any relationship that is formed will be between the reseller and author. 


We will recommend and submit your book to all relevant book award opportunities that are free, and supplying you with a list of the appropriate paid ones.


We will contact local media outlets in your area to introduce your book and story. We will craft a pitch letter that focuses on what makes your book unique and newsworthy. Media outlets are always looking for interesting stories and getting local coverage will help create a buzz. We will also help you navigate HARO alerts and responses.


Our team will design and deliver up to 3 branded social media banners, a One-Sheet and Press Kit for your website.


We will introduce your book to international publishers who might be interested in buying the rights. We do this by posting your book information on our 'rights platform,'  or we can create your own platform. We offer *advanced marketing services to contact international publishers looking to purchase rights proactively. 


Open communication sets the tone for a successful relationship so we will set up 4 weekly calls for Q&As, training, strategy sessions, progress updates and any industry related topics. We will respond to all emails within 24 hours or sooner. 

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