In the publishing world today, authors are usually set up for selling on Amazon automatically. Not all publishers will take the extra steps to ensure that this is done properly and thoroughly. Authors should be familiar with all of the programs that Amazon has to offer. This allows you to be active in deciding which program(s) fit into your marketing strategy. We have been selling books, CDs and other media successfully using Amazon’s programs since 2003. Over the past 6 years, our own titles on Amazon have generated 1.6 million dollars in revenue. Our active presence, feedback and success selling has helped shape some of Amazon’s programs and procedures used today. If you’re looking to increase sales on Amazon, learn how to sell online, or just need help with any frustrating customer service or billing issues, contact Rick today.

sell books on Amazon

Here are some facts about selling on Amazon

  • Almost 50% of online shoppers go to Amazon first to purchase something.
  • There are over 3.5 million books on Amazon.
  • There are approximately 12 books being added on Amazon every hour.
  • 70% of shoppers are using smart phones to purchase online
  • Over 9 billion dollars in revenue were generated in book sales. (2014 stats)

Amazon’s Advantage Program is available to publishers, music labels, studios, authors, and other content owners who would like to sell their titles to millions of customers in the U.S., Canada and dozens of other countries. This program offers a proven way to sell and distribute books, videos, and music along with other similar products.

Tip: It’s important to create a marketing strategy for selling on Amazon. Just adding your title and waiting will not work!  You need to be proactive and make sure your product page is set up correctly and thoroughly. You need to get positive reviews for your title and take advantage of tools like Search Inside the Book, Author Central and cross promoting. You need to find ways to ‘stand out’ from the crowd!

Ask your dedicated publishing representative or contact Rick about the Amazon Optimization program.

Amazon’s Seller Central Program allows you to sell consumer to consumer. This offering allows customers to purchase new and used titles ‘usually’ at a discount.  As the seller, you are responsible for getting the product to the customer on-time and answering customer inquiries. Your service will be rated and that score will be available to other customers. You can choose between selling as a professional where you need to meet certain thresholds or as an individual. The cost to participate will depend on the program you sign up for but Amazon will allow you to switch between programs.

Tip: Before you enroll in Seller Central, think about whether shipping products directly to a customer is in your marketing plan. If you don’t want to deal with shipping and or responding directly to customers, you should stick with the Advantage program or look at Amazon’s Fulfillment Services.

Amazon’s Affiliate Program allows anyone with a web presence to create links and ads to promote and sell any item on Participants earn a percentage of the sales paid on a monthly basis. This is a great way to leverage your website and generate additional revenue for your titles. You can take it a step further and promote and sell other titles as well.

Other programs such as Vendor Express, Amazon Business, Payment Solutions, ACX Audiobook Solutions offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to leverage Amazon’s powerful network.


If you’re not taking full advantage of every opportunity on Amazon, you are missing a key component in your success. If you have any questions about how these programs can benefit you or you would like help setting these programs up, contact your dedicated publishing representative or Rick directly at


“I’ve worked with Rick for over 2 years. He is a consummate professional. He is passionate about his business and his products and tirelessly works on their promotion. I’ve been impressed with his business acumen and commitment to growing his business.” -Erin Eaves, Principal Product Manager Amazon Advantage