Book Marketing



Ideal for authors who want to reach more readers and sell more books.


Marketing is a crucial part of any successful book. If your book isn’t selling or you want to increase your exposure or just want to learn what strategies go into a successful marketing campaign, purchase the assessment today.

Our Marketing Assessment includes:

  • Researching how your book is currently positioned both online and throughout the book industry. We carefully organize this information, add tips and suggestions on how to improve your positioning, gain more customers and penetrate new markets.
  • Evaluating your metadata and browse categories making sure your book is in the best categories, and that your synopsis and author bio are well written with SEO in mind.
  • Evaluating your social media platforms for relevancy, brand, set up and content. We will help you use social media to gain organic followers and promote your message and book..
  • Seeing how your name, book title and ISBN appear through online searches. We will then make recommendations on how to increase visibility for all three.
  • Listing out all of the traditional marketing strategies that you should be using and the best ways to capture local media attention.
  • Summarizing our findings in an organized document that can be used as your roadmap to marketing success.
  • Discussing our findings and answering questions during an optional 20-minute phone conversation.
  • Leaving you with a complimentary book marketing calendar to help keep you organized throughout your book marketing journey.

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