Most publishers including Print on Demand publishers will set up an author's book with "basic" book distribution. This means the book will be available on websites like and Barnes & Noble, and a fixed network of resellers and distributions.

At Stress Free Book Marketing and Publishers, we go above and beyond basic distribution set up. Our first goal is to make sure that your book is set up properly and thoroughly on all platforms, and the entire worldwide book network. This will allow you to take full advantage of your book marketing strategy and make finding your book easier.

We make sure all of your information (metadata) about the book is accurate, well written, formatted for SEO and Amazon's analytics, and registered with the appropriate book agencies.


Once your title is set up properly we kick our advanced distribution into gear. This includes:

  • Creating awareness with domestic and international distribution partners that we work with, and know of, to introduce your book. We will use our reputation to introduce your book resellers. (All agreements will be between the author and reseller.)
  • Creating a list of potential domestic reseller opportunities outside of our existing network and proactively approaching this list to introduce your book.
  • Approaching domestic and international digital resellers that we have worked with for your eBook.
  • Approaching organizations that are positioned in your target market to introduce your book.
  • Providing a list of trade shows and conferences that would be interested in your book and message. (We are available to discuss the pros and cons of these shows, and can train you on how to get the most out of a trade show.
  • Creating affiliate relationships with all of the resellers for your title and use those affiliate links on your website and social media sites to promote your title and add an additional revenue stream.
  • Pairing your book distribution with our robust book marketing program to promote your message and book.
  • Creating a list of publishers in other countries who might be interested in purchasing the foreign rights to your title. We are available to discuss our success with selling book rights, any opportunities that are presented.

Note: Not all resellers or distributors will be interested in your book, but having your book available with as many book sellers as possible is a good thing.  This strategy combined with our marketing strategy will yield results.


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