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Getting a little help can make all the difference.  Our coaching services provide you with guidance, advice, and mentoring on any aspect of the book publishing industry. We have walked in your shoes and know what it takes and feels like to be successful. 

We can help you:

  • Avoid costly mistakes or being taken advantage of
  • Increase visibility and sales on Amazon
  • Get your book into bookstores
  • Get more influential reviews for your book  
  • Learn the best ways to use social media
  • Build or update any aspect of your website
  • Submit your book for industry awards
  • Find a graphics designer or illustrator for your project
  • Compare the best POD company for your needs
  • Get your book into more resellers and distributors
  • Find international publishers who purchase book rights
  • Enhance your brand across all platforms
  • Get your website to rank higher with Google
  • Blogging strategies
  • Find genre appropriate blogs to network with
  • Increase organic followers on social media
  • Learn better ways to be more efficient on Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram

Coaching services are custom made for the individual author.


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