Getting advice can make a huge difference when navigating the sometimes confusing book industry. Our author coaching services provide you with guidance and mentoring on any aspect of writing, publishing, marketing, and distributing books. Our roots are in book publishing, so we have walked in your shoes and know what it takes to be successful. We filter out all of the "noise" about the best ways to publish and market a book and design a personalized strategy for you.

Our author coaching services include:

  • Providing a roadmap for successfully launching a book
  • Helping you to avoid costly mistakes or being taken advantage of
  • Helping you to increase visibility and sales on Amazon and other resellers
  • Teaching you how to get your book into bookstores and specialty shops

coaching services

  • Teaching you how to get more influential reviews for your book
  • Learning the best way to use social media as an author
  • Positioning you as a thought-leader for your subject matter
  • Collaborating on building an author website
  • Working with you to submit your book for industry awards
  • Providing resources to design a kick-ass cover and interior
  • Providing insight on printing options for print on demand, domestic printing or international printing
  • Learning how to get more resellers and distributors interested in your book
  • Finding international publishers who might be interested in purchasing the rights to your book
  • Enhancing your brand across all platforms
  • Getting your website to rank higher with Google and other search providers
  • Learning all of the strategies and benefits for creating content supporting your book and message

If you're new to self-publishing, having an experienced mentor can be beneficial. With constant changes in technology, the book industry has become more confusing to first-time authors. Knowing what strategies to use when to use them, and how to measure success has never been more important.

One of the primary reasons why we created Stress Free Book Marketing was to help authors navigate the industry and avoid making costly mistakes. Our author coaching services are designed to give you the best shot at being successful, and we back our services 100%. We have experienced success as a publisher and understand what is at stake. Let us help you be successful!

Our custom designed author coaching services start at $225.00 per hour. Ask about our multi-hour pricing. We guarantee your satisfaction.

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