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7 Reasons Why Authors Must Blog
December 4, 2016
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Why Authors Should Focus on Getting Book Reviews


Getting book reviews may be the most important step you can take to jump-start sales and add credibility to your book. There is a direct correlation with reviews and highly ranked titles that sell. With companies like Amazon removing reviews that don’t meet certain criteria, the overall message is to focus on getting organic reviews. There are several ways to do this, all of which take time and patience. But it’s well worth the effort.


Strategies for getting book reviews

  • Amazon’s Top Reviewers- evaluate and write about a variety of products, not just books. If you are fortunate to get one review from an Amazon Top Reviewer, that could make a huge difference for your book. Remember that getting reviews is a numbers game. The more people you approach the more reviews you will get. Here in the link to Amazon’s Top Reviewers.
  •  Professional Reviewers- are typically avid readers who love being exposed to new and interesting titles. There are many websites which will review books and post the review on social media, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Here is a list of Professional Reviewers.
  • Book Review Websites- have popped up in recent years and offer another opportunity for authors to get reviews. It’s wise to research the sites you want to consider reviewing your book and make sure they are detailed and forthright with their procedure.
  • Book Bloggers– are book lovers who blog about books with their readers and followers. There are a couple of book blogger directories each with their own requirement. It’s a growing segment of the book reviewing population and is a great way to drive website traffic and content.
  • National Book Reviewers- have been the cornerstone of book reviews for many years and preferred by booksellers and librarians. Authors should research the pros and cons of using a service like this. They are Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, and Midwest Book Review.
  •  Friends/Colleagues- can include anyone you know that would write a review of your book. There is nothing wrong with asking people if they would write a review on Amazon (if they feel inspired) after they read your book. Start asking people early in the process even before you’re published. Expect about 20% to follow through.

Note: When approaching any reviewer and especially a Professional Reviewer or Amazon Top Reviewer,  you should know what kind of books they prefer to review. Take your time doing research about each reviewer and follow their submission guidelines carefully.

All of the hard work you put into getting reviews should pay off almost immediately. Amazon begins to list other books with yours and rewards your product page with higher analytic value. Once you get 10+ reviews the organic reviews will start to populate.

Like a lot of strategies in book marketing, getting reviews takes time and persistence.  Be prepared for honest feedback and the occasional crazy review that you’ll want to defend, but won’t.  When you put yourself and your work out there, you need to turn every situation into a learning experience to get ready for your next book.


Rick Lite of Stress Free Book Marketing, stands at the forefront of the ever-changing book industry. He is a seasoned book marketing professional with over 13 years of experience in the industry. Rick’s expertise comes from tirelessly working on new and innovative ways to market his own books and CDs with his company and parent company, Stress Free Kids.  Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, Rick works closely with authors to create custom, robust book marketing programs. His easy-going manner provides “stress-free” support and comfort to authors going through the book marketing process for the first time. Rick is quick to share his knowledge and “insider tips” for a successful marketing campaign that will lead to increased exposure, awareness and most importantly, sales.



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