Cost: $1800.00

($450.00 paid with a signed agreement, and 3 additional monthly payments of $450.00)

The Indie Advanced Package is for the author who wants a complete marketing program covering the proven strategies necessary to become a successful author. Even though we do a lot of the heavy lifting in the plan, the author needs to be an active participant in helping to become successful.

The Indie Advanced Package includes:


After discussing your marketing plan, we will create a book marketing calendar showing when specific strategies should be initiated to coincide with your goals. We evaluate all of your metadata and can enhance your bio and description.


We will evaluate and help you build your author platform. We will discuss all of the tools and strategies needed to be successful as an author and implement the appropriate ones into the playbook. This includes setting up a branded website, blog and email marketing program to act as the hub for all online activity. We will create an online selling strategy focusing on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers. We know how important reviews are to authors and will submit your book to book and blog review companies, newspapers and other genre related reviewers online. (Amazon Goodreads, Barnes & Noble) We will also collaborate on the best ways to capturing retail customer reviews. We will collaborate on social media marketing and the best ways to use these promotional platforms properly. We can help set up the appropriate platforms and will provide sample posts, memes, and tweets. We will also post your content on our social platforms during this time. We will help you take advantage of other platforms like YouTube and Goodreads.


We will unlock all of the alternative and underutilized ways to build awareness around your new book, or re-energizing a stalled listing. There are many tools/techniques to create a buzz for your book to include new release announcements and adding a sample chapter to specific sites with high readership. We will uncover the best ones for your book and share them with you.


With so many opportunities to promote your book, we will sift through the appropriate ones and create a custom plan to implement them. These can include but are not limited to using book discounting websites, book selling platforms, and using social media as a promotion platform.


We will create an author interview on our website and promote it on our social accounts and other sites that promote authors. We will also discuss a broader focus on this strategy.


Taking advantage of  our discounted advertising rates with Ingram for both print and digital ads will provide exposure to many thousands of book buyers, librarians, and sellers. We will also introduce you to the timing and benefits of social media advertising.


We will design and provide you with a ‘One-Sheet’ summarizing your book and an Author Press Kit that you can add to your website.


We will discuss in detail many opportunities the author should focus on throughout their marketing campaigns such as local book signing, local media introductions, fairs, festivals, trade shows, book award programs, direct mail opportunities, flyers, bookmarks, and others.


Open communication sets the tone for a successful relationship so we will set up four weekly calls for Q&As, training, strategy sessions, progress updates, and any industry related topics. We will respond to all emails within 24 hours or sooner.


To make sure you are taking advantage of all the you have learned, we are offering a 6-month follow-up and marketing assessment.

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