Cost: $3500.00

($875.00 paid with a signed agreement and 3 additional monthly payments of $875.00)

The Indie Advanced Package is for the author who wants a complete marketing program covering the proven strategies necessary to become a successful author. Even though we do a lot of the heavy lifting in the plan, the author needs to be an active participant in helping to become successful. 

The Indie Advanced Book Marketing Package includes:


After discussing your marketing plan and goals, we will create a timeline that will list out all the appropriate and available book marketing strategies for today's successful author. This custom timeline will be used as a guide throughout the project, ensuring that we are always focusing on implementing the right strategy at the right time. By doing this, we are giving your project the best chance of success.


We will focus on building a solid foundation to layer your marketing strategy. The following tools will build this foundation.

  • Author Website-We will make sure your current website is the hub for all online activity by evaluating the current setup, branding, blogging strategy, content, SEO, and speed. If improvements are needed, we will provide you with written feedback. If you do not have a website, our team can build an affordable author website with the necessary features.
  • Online optimization-We will make sure that your book is properly displayed with online retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores If we need to enhance your book's metadata, we will help you do so. We will also set up all the available features on Amazon to include browse categories, Author Central, and discuss their selling/advertising programs.
  • Book Reviews-We will submit your book to our extensive list of book and blog review companies, newspapers, magazines, and industry influencers. The other segment of reviews is customer reviews, and we will collaborate with you about the most effective way to capture reader reviews before and after the book is published.
  • Social Media-A big part of the Author Platform is knowing how to use social media to create awareness and build a following of readers interested in your book and message. We will make sure that you are taking advantage of this powerful strategy by helping you set up the appropriate platforms, understand what and when to post, and how to engage with others. We will provide sample posts and will use our social platforms to promote your book. We will also help you take advantage of other platforms like YouTube and Goodreads.


Promoting your book can be a daunting task, but our process makes it stress-free. We will make you aware of the appropriate opportunities for eBook promotions, book award submissions, author interviews, local media attention, book clubs, and discussion groups, advertising opportunities, book giveaways, and more. Then we will guide you to implement the right ones at the right time for maximum benefit. Each of these strategies can stand on its own; however, some can be combined for a more significant impact.

Advertising- We have access to discounted advertising rates with Ingram for both physical and digital ads and will keep you posted on which ones make sense for your book. We will also introduce you to the timing and benefits of social media advertising and advertising with Amazon and industry sites like Bookbub. While the basic setup is included in this program, both strategies need to be actively monitored, and we can help you with this. (Additional fees required)


We will collaborate with you on other opportunities, such as selling your book rights to international publishers, selling to bookstores, book signing, local media attention, industry events, guest posting opportunities, video creation/marketing, and other advanced strategies. We will leave no stone unturned when it comes to opportunities to promote your book.


Weekly calls- Communication is the backbone of any successful relationship and is an essential aspect of our program. We want you to know what we are working on and learn the steps involved in a successful marketing campaign. We will set up a weekly call for most of our time together and hold each other accountable for completing the tasks we discuss each week. It's also important that you have an opportunity to ask questions, learn strategies, and know that you can email us when you have questions.