Ingram Book Company (parent to IngramSpark) is the world’s largest book distributor and has been a leader in the industry since 2009. Advertising your book through Ingram Book Company is a way to reach thousands of book buyers, educators, subscribers, and librarians worldwide. Advertising will increase visibility and complement your existing strategies for driving retail customers to your book.

If you divide the number of buyers you can reach with each ad, it comes out to pennies per buyer. Advertising is more effective when done several times and as a part of your overall marketing strategy.
Below is a list of advertising opportunities through Stress Free Book Marketing for Ingram Book Company. The pricing for this confidential opportunity has been negotiated for our authors and is not available directly with Ingram.


Special Pricing Featured Spot $350.00 per ad. Normal pricing before our discount $600.00. Ad sizes are shown in the link we have sent you or the featured image from this post. Delivering in April to 7k retailers and librarians in print and launching to 29k subscribers in a digital format, this e-catalog has a 20% open and 4% click-through average, Each page has on 4 books, so yours is visible. Check out the sample for the summer reading supplement.

*Closing 3-6-2020- Summer Reading Supplement 

Closing 3-6-2020- Bio/History Supplement

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*Closing 3-31-2020- Pub Rep Picks Supplement

Closing 5-4-2020-  Current Events Supplement

Closing 6-1-2020- Mystery, Suspense & Tru Crime Supplement


ADVANCE CATALOG with ADVANCED SUPPLEMENTS- (Monthly) Our flagship publication, Advance, is a monthly buying guide that promotes the best in hardcover, trade paper, audiobook, gift & game, and mass-market products. Advance features trending editorial content, buyer recommendations, reviews, and Advance Supplements, our monthly themed merchandising inserts.  Digital Circulation: 29,000 booksellers and librarians. Note: These ads do not need design services as the cover, description, categories and technical information are taken from your metadata listed on your Ingram account.

(Ask for pricing)

ad example

This is a sample ad from the ‘Advance Supplement’ showing ad size.


3/6: June Advance

3/11: 2021 Calendar Catalog

3/16: Jul/Aug Children’s Advance

3/31: July Advance

3/31: Pub Rep Picks Supplement

3/31: Summer GN & Comics Supplement

4/30: Jul/Aug Christian Advance



k-12 supplement

This is a sample ad from the K-12 ‘Digital Catalog’ showing ad size.

K-12 Advance Quarterly Digital Catalog- K-12 Resource is a comprehensive, easy-to-use digital guide that promotes your titles to librarians and educators. Each issue spotlights titles in Language Arts, Literature, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Title lists are categorized by grade-level curriculum and strand. K-12 Resource includes teacher resources and reaches Pre-K, K-2 (ages 5-7), 3-5 (ages 8-10), 6-8 (ages 11-13), and 9-12 grade (ages 14-17). Digital Circulation: 11,500 public and school librarians.

Catholic Reflections- Catholic Reflections is emailed six times a year to Christian and international retailers and ABA booksellers. Each issue highlights the newest products for the Roman Catholic audience. Digital Circulation: 900 Christian retailers 350 international retailers, 2,000 ABA booksellers.

Essential Español- Essential Español is emailed quarterly to a targeted list of bookstores and librarians. Each issue highlights the newest Spanish-language titles and features relevant editorial content and buyer recommended title lists in top categories. Digital Circulation: 4,000 retailers and librarians.

Independent Voice- Independent Voice is emailed quarterly to domestic and international retailers and librarians. Each issue highlights the best seasonal titles from premier Independent publishers. Digital Circulation: 21,000 domestic and international retailers and librarians.

 To secure your ad, fill out and email us the form along with your payment before the due date. Don’t wait as spaces fill up.


(Prices range from $700.00 up to $3000) Ask about closing dates and discounted pricing. Available in B&W and Full Color.

Advance is a monthly buying guide that promotes the best in hardcover, trade paper, audiobook, gift & game, and mass-market products. Advance features trending editorial content, buyer recommendations, reviews, and Advance Supplements. Print Circulation: 7,000 top booksellers and librarians.

Children’s Advance is a bimonthly buying guide that highlights the best in children’s publishing. Each issue features buzzworthy board books, early readers, picture, and chapter books. Children’s Advance includes children’s product for all ages, author interviews, buyer recommendations, and reviews. Print Circulation: 7,000 top booksellers and librarians. Digital Circulation: 29,000 booksellers and librarians.

Biography & History showcases new books and bestselling backlist books in biography and history. The annual full-color catalog features books for all ages; is packaged with our November issue of Advance; and is emailed to booksellers, librarians, and international retailers. Print Circulation: 7,000 top booksellers and librarians.

Children’s Holiday Gift Books- (annual) Promote your children’s holiday books through Children’s Holiday Gift Books, our annual full-color holiday gift guide. Digital Circulation: 29,000 booksellers, librarians, and international retailers.

Gift Books and Gifts & Games (Semi-annual) Promote your best frontlist and backlist gift books and gift and game product for all ages through Gift Books and Gifts & Games, our semi-annual full-color catalog. Our Spring issue, Gifts & Games, features product for Easter, moms, dads, and grads. Our premier Fall issue is a flip catalog featuring our Holiday Gift Books on one cover and Gifts & Games on the other. Print Circulation: 7,000 key booksellers, librarians, and international retailers.

Lifestyle- (annual) is an exciting way to promote new and perennial bestsellers. Lifestyle features titles in parenting, relationships, health & fitness, self-help & improvement, homeschooling, aging, elder care, personal finance, retirement planning, and more. Print Circulation: 7,000 key booksellers, librarians, and international retailers.

Mind, Body, & Spirit (annual) is an annual catalog that focuses on titles in spiritual living, self-help, health, diet, and more. Print Circulation: 7,000 key booksellers, librarians, and international retailers.

Travel (annual) is a great opportunity to advertise travel guides, regional titles, armchair travel, and travel gift books.  Print Circulation: 7,000 key booksellers, librarians, and international retailers.


Other Advance & Advance Supplements Themes:

Black History Month
Cooking & Entertainment
Sci-Fi Fantasy & Horror
Pub Rep Picks
Business Books
Summer Reading
Current Events


Ask for dates and costs

Autism Awareness
Earth Day
Spring Sports
Poetry Month
Bibles (Spring Arbor)
Movie/TV Tie-ins
Mother’s Day
Father’s Day
Reading Group
Movie/TV Tie-Ins
Debut Authors
Summer Olympics

Q & A on this Advertising Opportunity

Q. Why should I spend money on advertising?

A. When evaluating an opportunity for advertising, an author should look at the reach of the ad, the company sending it, and the cost. 29,000 booksellers, librarians, and retailers pay attention to the catalogs coming from Ingram Book Group. With ad pricing starting at $350.0, it’s money well spent.

Q. Will one ad help me sell books?

A. When your book reaches the right buyer at the right time, magic can happen; however, as with all forms of advertising, being consistent will catch the eye of more buyers. When you consistently put your books in front of the right buyers, you have a better chance to sell more. Advertising is like most marketing strategies. Consistency is key to success.

Q. Are print ads better than digital ones?

A. Some buyers prefer a physical catalog, so it’s not a bad idea to look at this option. However, print advertising can be costly for the individual indie author, so initially, it’s a good idea to test the market with digital ads. Let us know if you are interested in Print Advertising, and if there is enough interest, we can work on group pricing to share the costs of a larger ad, making it very affordable.

Q. Are there any restrictions?

A. You must have the book you want to advertise already with IngramSpark, where it appears in their wholesale ordering system.

Q. How do I take advantage of this opportunity?

A. If interested, download or print out the order form, fill in the book name(s), ISBN, and which ad you want your book to appear in. Sign, scan, and return the form no later than three days before the deadline. All ads are first-come, first served.

Q. I have a question not answered here.

Contact me for more information,