Q. Who is Stress Free Book Marketing?

Stress Free Book Marketing was created by Rick and Lori Lite to help other authors navigate through all of the steps involved in self-publishing and book marketing. Since 2003 Rick and Lori have gained valuable knowledge, experience and success publishing, through both traditional publishers and by self-publishing. They have created a very successful marketing and distribution program for their titles. They believe authors should have creative ownership and control over their content, design, printing, marketing and how they get paid.

Q. What makes you different than others?

Similar to a traditional publisher, we work with authors through the entire publishing process. We differ from others by self-publishing the author's book for them. This way the author has creative input retains all of the rights to their writing and earns all of the revenues from sales.

We also go above and beyond what most traditional and other self-publishers do to make sure that the author has the best chance of being successful. From the first conversation all the way through the publishing process, we take the time to think about what's in the author's best interest. We work closely with the author to make sure their book is set up correctly and thoroughly with the printer, the proper book agencies, and with the appropriate distributors and resellers.

Since most traditional publishers are not responsible for marketing books, we also offer a robust marketing program. These custom designed programs are an added value to our self-publishing program. We use the same strategies to help authors that we used to create our successful publishing company, Stress Free Kids.

Rick and Lori pride themselves on having excellent communication and quality service. They treat each author with respect and appreciation and will do everything possible to have a mutually rewarding experience.

Q. Why should I trust you?

Since building our publishing business Stress Free Kids in 2003, we have partnered with dozens of vendors, bookstore owners, resellers, organizations, and thousands of customers. Our focus has always been to create quality products and offer excellent service at fair pricing. This is evident in the quality reviews that our titles receive, and our 100% customer service ratings.

Lori is an established and respected author, parenting expert and Twitter marketer. Over the past decade, she has been a trusted voice for national and international media publications. You can see Rick and Lori's heart-driven sincerity and passion when they appeared on ABC's Shark Tank in season one to pitch their book business. Rick prides himself on providing the highest standard of service and continues to build a trusting relationship with authors by delivering on what he promises. Feel free to Google Lori Lite, their business Stress Free Kids and reviews for their products and services.

Q. Are your packages priced competitively?

Our package prices are extremely competitive and offer a tremendous amount of value to the author. Our goal is to create a book that the author is proud of. We know how much effort goes into making a book successful. All of our services are carefully crafted and detailed in writing, so the author knows what type of services they will be getting.

Q. Can I just post on social media to sell my book?

No one single tool will deliver the results you deserve. Authors need to have a marketing plan, a roadmap for success, the tools to work with, and the time to see their work implemented. Stress Free Book Marketing uses proprietary book marketing strategies that combine traditional marketing with current online strategies. The results speak for themselves. Read more about our book marketing program.

Q. Can you help me set up proper distribution for my book?

Experience has taught us that selling books online takes a lot of hard work, knowledge, experience and the right skills. Throughout the years we learned how to create book descriptions, author biographies and other content that use proper SEO techniques and takes advantage of Amazon's analytic algorithms. We know how to set your book up correctly, and cross-promote it with other higher ranked books, get customer reviews and use the proper advertising offerings. To date, we have generated over 1.4 million dollars in sales from Amazon alone for our publishing company. Let us help you be successful selling online.

Online selling is just one avenue for book sales. There are dozens of other ways to sell your book, and we will work with you to penetrate every channel of distribution that makes sense. We will leverage our relationships with book wholesalers, resellers, specialty stores, organizations, and bookstores to introduce your title to them.