Rick and Lori Lite started helping authors after experiencing the process of being traditionally published and self-publishing. They worked tirelessly to create and promote titles for their publishing company Stress Free Kids! They learned that success was going to fall on their shoulders. Even with the help of Simon & Schuster and Scholastic, the responsibility to promote and sell books worldwide was up to them. Fortunately, the hard work paid off and that’s exactly what they did.

rick-lori-homeIn 2003 Rick took time away from his corporate job to self-publish, promote, and distribute Lori’s titles. Lori focused on growing and implementing social media as an engaging, interactive marketing tool. Together they developed and rolled out a comprehensive and successful book marketing strategy that helped create awareness for their work, recognition for Lori as a leader in her genre, and pushed their publishing company to new levels.

Much of their success is due to a relentless focus on using creative and proven marketing strategies using every tool available. They expanded their market even further by negotiating international licensing rights with several overseas publishers.

Lori is recognized as a Top 5% Social Media Influencer, award-winning author, parenting expert, and Shark Tank entrepreneur.

Rick has accumulated vast and detailed knowledge of publishing, book and product marketing, and global distribution. His expertise with online selling, especially with Amazon is unsurpassed. Rick’s involvement with Amazon’s programs, customer service, fulfillment, selling, and advertising is invaluable. Rick is also endorsed by and listed on the IngramSpark website as a marketing expert.

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