Individual Marketing Services


Engage your followers, expand your target audience, and increase sales with these advanced book marketing services. Any of these strategies can be purchased individually or bundled for more impact. Each service is custom designed for your book and goals.

Advertise with Ingram

IngramSpark is allowing us to offer discounted advertising rates to our authors. The opportunity to advertise through their expansive network of buyers and retailers will get your book the exposure you need and deserve. This opportunity is exclusive through Stress Free Book Marketing and is not available direct with Ingram. Take advantage of this opportunity, and see your book sales increase.

Book Awards

Get your book submitted to the appropriate Book Awards with our custom services. 

Build Your Author Website

Step into the world of being an author with a user-friendly website designed for you. Your basic website will have the necessary pages and features to promote your book, reinforce your message, share news, create content, and drive visitors to your brand. We can also update your current site, enhance your SEO, focus on content creation, link backs, Google Adwords, and other strategies that bring people to your website.  Website support and hosting are also available.

Expand your target audience by learning the most effective ways to blog, promote your blog, and get readers to comment. Strategies include guest posting and guest blogging, creating SEO rich content, proper formatting techniques, and blog marketing.

Social Media Training / Account Management

Learn how to use Social Media as an Author- Eliminate the fear of using social media to promote your book. Training consists of easy-to-learn, easy to implement lesson segments to help authors become comfortable and productive using social media. Lessons include social account set up, creating a banner for you, overall strategy, proper posting techniques, automation tools (for scheduled posting), growing an organic following, how to communicate your message, tweet writing, meme creation, working with groups, lists and account analytics.

Managing your Social Media Accounts- posting on social media can become time-consuming. We can run your social account, creating relevant and empowering posts, and schedule them to go out at the appropriate times. We would use analytics to choose the best time to post, giving you the chance to have your content seen by your growing target audience. We can also proactively engage your target audience to promote your message and build an organic following.

Create and Market an Audiobook 

Converting your book into an audiobook and selling it online opens up a new and expanding channel of distribution. We can help you with the entire project to include finding voice talent. Full or partial packages are available.

Create and Market Your Own Podcast

Podcasting is a great way to promote your message and position yourself as a thought leader within your genre. Starting a podcast is easier than you think, but if you want to take it slow or just want to focus on promoting your book, being a guest on a relevant podcast is a significant first step. We can introduce you to appropriate podcasts and collaborate with you on the scheduling. We can use that recording to promote your work further by posting it on the appropriate platforms.

Translate Your Book

Expand your book's reach by having it professionally translated into any language. Includes proofreading services and a guarantee that the translation is done correctly. Once the book is translated, we can provide you with the written translations or design the entire book for you using the existing format. We can attempt to sell the book rights to international publishers who will pay for this service. See the section Sell Your Book Rights above.

Use Video to Promote Your Message

Creating completing videos helps build trust and credibility, encourages social sharing, supports other marketing campaigns, and is an effective way to promote your message and book. We will work with you to create a video trailer and other segments to support your goals. We will then promote these videos by setting up a branded YouTube channel complete with the proper descriptions, title, tags, header, and appropriate links. We can even embed these videos on your website to improve page rank.

Sell Your Book Rights

Give your book worldwide exposure when we add it to our existing account on Pubmatch. (a worldwide rights website) Decide on the terms of the rights agreement and receive inquiries or offers. Although your book will appear under our publishing company, any notification or transactions will be between you and the publisher interested. You will retain the copyright and receive all funds negotiated. We are offering you a way to get greater exposure without having to pay for and set up your own account.

Promote Your Book to Hundreds of Publishers- We can also contact our list of international publishers in specific countries to discuss your title and present you with any interest or offers. This is an opportunity to have your book translated (by the publisher) into other languages and sold around the world. Ask us for more details on both options.

Grow an Email List

Building a loyal customer base is a strategy that will yield results for years to come. Learn how to start and grow an email list using proper software and technology. We will help you create engaging newsletters and product announcements that will keep your customers informed. We will start the process by building an opt-in form to attract visitors who want to receive relevant information from you.

Since every book is different, we custom quote each project. Your quote will be in writing detailing every aspect of the service.

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