Amazon Advertising Program for Authors

There is a direct correlation between advertising and increased book sales. We can help you sell more books on and with distributors/resellers by creating physical and digital ads.

Amazon Advertising, or Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising is a highly-targeted, cost-effective way for shoppers to discover and buy your books on Since they already have visitors and customers who are looking to purchase books, this marketing strategy should be evaluated.

amazon ad imageNote: It’s estimated that 55% of consumers are already looking to make a purchase when they begin their search on Amazon. We can teach you how to use this service or can run an advertising campaign for you.

For our Amazon Advertising Service:

  • We will collaborate with you on the type of ads available and then choose the best format and structure for your ads.
  • We will then set up the ads using the recommended structure to benefit your project goals.
  • We will research the best keywords to use based on readers' search and shopping history and populate them.
  • Once we set up the keywords, we will monitor them to capitalize on the bidding process. The goal for book sales is to maximize the sales spending the least amount of money to achieve this.
  • We will then measure and optimize the campaigns' performance and make adjustments as necessary. We will be there every step of the way to help you get the most out of Amazon Advertising.
  • We are continually improving our knowledge of this program by attending training sessions. As Amazon releases new features and advancements, we will stay current on the latest strategies to benefit our clients. 

Whatever your objectives are, it’s imperative to set specific goals for your campaign to maximize the results. There is a difference in advertising to create brand awareness, drive sales or build loyalty. Knowing the difference and setting up your campaigns to reflect this will help you focus on the optimal advertising strategy.

Other Advertising Programs:

Besides Amazon Ads, we can help you with other advertising opportunities. We can create an advertising strategy and take advantage of our discounted rates with Ingram Book Company parent to IngramSpark. We will also help you decide if you would benefit from advertising on any social media platforms.

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