Our book review service is a personalized program for our clients and focuses on capturing reviews from hundreds of industry review companies and active blog review companies. We are also submitting unpublished books and genre-specific books to editors within U.S. based newspapers and magazines and approaching authors who have written books within the same genre. Carefully submitting your book to the right review companies will give you the best chance to receive a review.  These reviews can be posted in the editorial section of online sellers along with blog review websites and social platforms including Goodreads. The more reviews you have, the more exposure you will get and the more books you will sell.

Details of our Book Review Service

  • Our team will accurately submit your book to all appropriate industry review and blog review companies that accepts books within your genre.
  • Once your book is submitted, any additional information requested will be submitted. We will follow the process to completion.
  • All review companies have different procedures for submitting books and responding to authors. We encourage a response either way.
  • Upon request, we will provide you with the list of companies your book was submitted to.
  • We are also available to approach influencers and authors within your genre to seek reviews or blurbs.
  • Paid review companies that will review your book for a fee, can be added to this service especially if you are not seeing a large number of reviews. The cost for these submissions would be your responsibility but we can submit your book for you.


The total cost for the review program is U.S. $1050.00


This 90-day book review service requires a payment of $350.00 to be submitted with a signed agreement, followed by 2 additional monthly payments of $350.00. This service can be extended from month to month or terminated after 90 days.

Reviews are an essential part of an authors success as it validates the book and promotes recognition for an author. Reviews give readers a comfort level of knowing that other people have read and liked the book. For this reason, companies like Amazon have updated their rules for book reviews. When a reader discovers your book, having positive reviews in the editorial section, along with customer reviews, can be the difference between making a sale or losing that customer to another author.  The best time to begin submitting reviews is 6 months before publishing your book however even if your book was published in the past it is never too late to get reviews. In fact, this process can breathe new life into an older book.  For more information about this or any of our services contact us today.


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