Cost: $1100.00

($800.00 paid with a signed agreement and $300.00 payment in 30 days.)

The Indie Starter Package is ideal for the author who has published before and knows what is involved, but wants coaching and mentoring throughout the marketing process to make sure things go smoothly. The author takes the lead in implementing book marketing strategies with our guidance and support. 

The Indie Starter Package includes:


We will evaluate your book marketing strategy, goals, and marketing plan. We will help you create a timeline to implement and update each stage of the book marketing process. You will learn how to identify your target audience and create a robust plan to communicate with them.


We will look at the most appropriate book marketing strategies for your book and will teach you how and when to implement each one. We will start by evaluating your book's metadata, BISAC subject categories, content flow, consistency, and the use of SEO best practices to attract organic readers. We will then collaborate with you on building an Author Platform. (see Indie Advanced Program for details)


We will collaborate and help you launch any of the pre-publishing and online marketing strategies at your disposal. This includes selling your book through online resellers, optimizing your Amazon account, and available programs. We will help you plan and benefit from using an author website, blog, email marketing, and social media to reach and grow your target audience. We will help you launch a Book Review strategy to capture editorial, blog, and customer reviews. We will also help you formulate a Promotional program to get your book into the hands of readers.


We will collaborate with you on how to sell to bookstores, gaining local media attention, and the appropriate print and digital advertising opportunities. We will discuss how to benefit from book awards, podcasts, guest blogging, industry trades, specialty shops, internet radio shows, book clubs, and book fairs trade shows, and other industry events.


Communication is the backbone of any successful relationship and is an essential aspect of all of our programs. We will set up a weekly call for most of our time together and give you a platform to ask questions, learn strategies, and avoid costly mistakes. You will have access to us when you have questions.