DIY Book Marketing Program

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Ideal for Indie Authors ready to market their book, with the help

of an experienced and successful mentor and guide.

The DIY Marketing plan is for the author who is able and willing to market their book but needs some guidance and mentorship.  It's not easy to know what strategies to use as well as how and when to implement them. The DIY Marketing plan is an excellent way for authors to follow a path already carved. We will create a roadmap with you and then show you the way.  You will learn what it takes to be successful in today's book market and learn to be the voice of your book. Both plans include up to 4 hours of 'over the phone' coaching, discussions, Q&A and tasks you will need to complete. We are also available by email during and after our time together.  We're not happy unless you are successful so our focus is on providing an excellent service.

DIY Book Marketing plan for published books includes:

  • Complete evaluation of your current strategy and book position both online and through distributors. We evaluate how your book is positioned for sales. We look at your brand and help you create a timeline to initiate marketing strategies. We look at your metadata (description, bio, and other content) to make sure your book will be found, purchased and reviewed. We can help you enhance your description and bio. We will also make sure your book is listed in the most appropriate categories.
  • We will help you identify your target audience and teach you how to get your book in front of this audience using traditional and online strategies.
  • We will discuss your social media strategy and make suggestions on which platforms to use, how, when and what to post, and the best ways to gain organic followers. We will also discuss all of the traditional marketing strategies you have at your disposal.
  • We will teach you how to get book reviews and share techniques to get your book into bookstores.

DIY Book Marketing plan for books not published yet includes:

  • Receiving our complete Timeline for Book Marketing. We will discuss every aspect of the timeline (which includes all the strategies needed) and create a plan for how and when to roll these out.
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