In today's book market, authors have choices where and how to self-publish their book. But understanding the best way to do this can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. Since 2003, Rick and Lori Lite have been publishing books with Simon and Schuster, Penguin Random House, and Scholastic while self-publishing dozen of titles for authors and their own publishing imprint, Stress Free Kids. 

Experience what it’s like to work with a reliable, experienced, and successful self-publisher.

Below are 3 of our most popular self-publishing plans. If your manuscript fits outside of these plans let us know.

Specialized services can be purchased a-la-cart, and added into any package. Tell your dedicated publishing representative what your needs are for an accurate quote on these services.

Basic Cover Design focuses on one central image and includes placement of all text on the front, spine and back covers, author bio and barcode, all created on the template of your choice. Includes 1 moc-ups with 3 rounds of revisions.

Basic Interior Design includes only text with no images, graphics, charts, or specialized formatting and typography.

** Advanced Cover Design offers a more robust look combining graphic elements and images with stylized fonts and theme. Includes up to 2 moc-ups with 5 rounds of revisions.

** Advanced Interior Design can include images, graphics, charts and specialized formatting and typography.

It's never too early to start marketing your book.